Java Development Framework for Web 2.0 Applications

Aim of this project:
ELEMENT4SOLUTION (E4S) is a Java development framework, designed after more than 10 years in Java development with the aim to create rich client web applications that are strongly database and business-process related.

A middleware is not required, this makes the rollout cheaper in some cases and the performance of the application is higher.

Development is strongy influenced by the need of client-distincted data access, this means that you install one application and one database on the server and different clients (companies) will share the database and the application, but not their data. It is ensured by some internal mechanism that no one sees the data of the others, even programmers cannot make any failures as this is system driven. This is a classical ASP aproach (Application Service Providing).

Another important issue is the built in datadictionary, which acts as a metaschema, and is not only important for the client distinction. It also supports strong type checking and ensures that the database schema and the code will not be out of sync.

E4S enables you to build HTML content based on simple HTML tag elements (e.g. <TABLE>, <B>), high level elements (e.g. Trees, Menus, Sorted Lists) or some existing application modules (e.g. User maintanance, Permissions).

An easy mechanism of software localization or layout integration (CSS) is also very important to us

E4S is built on "industrial standards" (for whatever this means): Java, Apache, Tomcat, JDBC.

Start here with some Examples as part of the E4S-Tutorial pages.
Read about some Basic Concepts here.